You’ve got mail--chain mail....are you tied to its threat?

Sunday, 06 July 2003 @ 04:37 pm SGT

Contributed by: Anonymous

What a blessing it has been to have email--almost at the blink of an eye, we can share news across oceans. We keep up almost daily with friends and loved ones from home and elsewhere. With this, we also have the junk mail that comes with it. And sometimes this includes religious chain mail from Christians and even non-Christians.

Have you received those chain letters that promises you blessing in manifold if you are careful to redirect it to another person or persons? The implication is not to break the blessing. Most of them are just really junk mail, even if it is from very dear friends and loved ones.

Here was how I wrote back to a loved one who sent me a chain letter promising that blessings will return to me seven-fold if I sent it to seven people.

"Thanks for the chain mail...I didn't quite bother with it as it doesn't work. Sorry, but may I say this about these kinds of religious chain letters?

I know that God prefers to hear directly from us out of the earnestness of our heart than to take heed of chain letters. I know that when we are desperate, we want to believe anything. But it doesn't work. The danger of these chain letters is that they enhance superficial beliefs (like luck and charms), superstition and manipulation in people. God does not operate in this manner. Man does.

Please do not apply it to your life. Strange how people think they can bend God's hand to do things for them. There are those who would use this to make money or control other people's naive understanding of God. Why do we assume such mail will get His attention and make Him obey our command just because we send it to seven people when we do not even acknowledge Him as God of the universe and invite Him into our lives?

Whoever this god is, he must be quite dumb.

Nevertheless, I do know of the God who hears our every cry. And I know that He is very interested in every each one of us. He is willing to hear and talk with us if we are willing to put everything down to spend time with Him. I know that He is faithful and He will speak with you. He might not grant you every one of your wishes (but then, He is not a genie, He is God Almighty), but He loves us more than we can ever believe. As for me, I would much prefer to tell this God of mine my hurts and my joy. May you find the same rest in my God, Jesus Christ.

I love you and I know that Jesus loves you even more. I hope that you will not be insulted with what I just wrote. If you are seeking God, please look for the real one. There are many imitations around (much like the Gucci handbags or Rolex watches on the streets of Patong). Don't allow yourself to be cheated. The "real article" is really worth knowing. May the LORD grant you wisdom in seeking Him.

I would love to share more with you only if you wish me to. I want to share with you my God who is my loving father and a patient friend who loves me--and you--so much. "