It is written...

Saturday, 02 October 2004 @ 11:09 pm SGT

Contributed by: Gatekeeper

In Hebrew, the marriage contract is called a "ketubah". This word ketubah means "that which is written." It is a contract from the groom to the bride-to-be, to honor, support, maintain her in truth, to provide food, clothing and necessities, and to live together with her as husband and wife.

As I re-read [Matthew 4:4-11], I pondered over this passage with this new insight of the marriage contract.

Where previously I only saw Jesus replying satan with quotes from the Old Testament, I now see him setting the example for us.. as the LORD's betroth. How we are to behave...

1. To remember that our Groom has a written contract with us.
2. That he will not default on His side of the contract.. and that we too should not.
3. To be aware that the accuser will also use this contract to confuse us if we are not alert to the contract. [verse 6]

In our daily walk, as we await our wedding feast, may we wait expectingly, as the bride, who conscientiously fills her jar with oil, for her master and groom. And how to do this? We can only follow Jesus if we know our Marriage Contract and study it, as Jesus did.