Antioch’s Creed and Guidelines


Antioch’s conference has been set aside for members or visitors of Antioch who wish to participate in discussions of mutual interest relating to and emanating from the Bible within the guidelines as set forth. Our desire is that this conference will be a Blessing to us all, and to the various 'read-only's who visit from time to time.

God Bless you, as we are all in Christ's Service


The basis of Antioch and all material held within Antioch are that we hold the Bible to be God-breathed, inerrant, and authoritative. "All Scripture is inspired by God (lit. God breathed) and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work." - 2 Timothy 3:16,17 (NASV)




It is our hope that this conference be used as a source of:

for all who desire to know more about the God of the Bible who has manifested Himself as our LORD and Saviour, Jesus Christ. To share in "...the equipping of the holy ones for the work of service, to the building up of the body of Christ..." - Ephesians 4:12 (NASV)


The BIBLE, GOD'S WORD, is the STANDARD. As such it becomes the standard by which entries will be judged. Any entries that are derogatory, attempt to alter it, or attack Biblical beliefs will be set hidden and/or deleted.

Antioch permits discussion on almost any subject, but all subjects are measured for truth and wisdom in a God-inspired Bible. Antioch openly welcomes those who purport to voice Christian principles. We recognise that there will be some who purport to be like-minded, yet will state unbelief in the standard for Christian life, as set forth by the Bible. They view the Bible as a good book, a guide, and a document written by men only, not inspired by God (and God-breathed).

This Web is founded on the premise that the Bible is God-breathed and those who attack this premise show themselves to be antagonists to Antioch and its participants, perhaps also in violation of standard corporate policies to value difference, and more so, in opposition to the God of the Bible. Repeated antagonisms would not be tolerated in the conferences, and if these antagonisms reach a level of intolerability, it may warrant action outside the conference.

Please be mindful of the premise and those who have chosen to come to Antioch looking for fellowship, wisdom, and learning from other Christians who believe the Bible to be inspired of God and without flaw.


When quoting the Bible, please state not only the Book, Chapter and Verse, but also the version from which the quote comes.

Acronyms are acceptable for the more common versions such as the KJV, RSV, NIV, NAS, NKJV, etc. However, when a lesser known version is used, please cite the name in full. e.g. JB Phillips Translation/Paraphrase

Quoting the Bible in this manner allows others to find the particular passage quoted. It also helps reduce confusion.

For now, here are the most common abbreviations and translations (not all are recommended for various reasons).


The conference discussions will be conducted in accordance with Antioch policies.

Entries that are deemed to be in conflict with Biblical beliefs, and/or not in the spirit of the conference guidelines, will be set hidden and/or deleted.

Arguments that repeatedly deny any of the basic tenets as put forth in the Statement of Faith and Conference Guidelines will not be entertained. Such arguments will be viewed as not valuing the difference of belief, and will be handled as the situation requires.


Where there are moderators, the moderators will judge on the propriety of an entry. The decisions of the moderators will be final. Where there are no moderators, a self-moderating mechanism will be used. Any contributor or participant who feel that another party is abusive or inciting disharmony to the service is requested to contact the offender off-line to seek resolution. If that fails, to seek assistance off-line from so that Antioch’s administrators can take necessary action.


As the need arises, clarifications or additional guidelines may be set forth.


There are a number of topics which desire to refrain from discussion ie. Politics, Racial. Postings of this nature will be hidden without warning. Notification will be made to the author to review these guidelines.

First, and most critically; this electronic Web forum are Antioch’s facilities; subject to normal rules of conduct. As such, the same rules that govern conduct and comment in any "business" workplace apply with equal weight in these systems. Stated simply, if you wouldn't say something in a business or church meeting, you shouldn't say it in electronic mail or notes. PERIOD.

Statements that attribute improper, illegal or immoral motives or actions to others; statements that cast aspersions on the character or integrity of others or that amount to libel or slander are not permitted. PERIOD. In this regard, it does not matter whether the individuals subject to the comment are elected public officials or directors of organizations disfavored by the author. There is no "Public Figure" exception in these systems.

Comments of a sexual nature are not acceptable whether they are about the author or directed at others. Similarly, comments that degrade, devalue or discriminate against others are also prohibited.

Neither the notes conferences nor electronic mail should be used to solicit other member or visitors. This prohibition covers efforts to solicit member or visitors for personal or political gain, to sell or market goods or services (except authorized marketplace or discount conferences) and efforts to solicit member or visitors to take action, sign petitions or support particular causes or candidates.

Finally, member or visitors should remember that it is never appropriate to spend working time in member or visitor interest notes for non-work purposes. Personal or entertainment activities in these notes files should be limited to assigned break times, lunch time and before or after business hours.

Antioch provides an electronic forum to share ideas and opinions about matters of common interest. In supporting these conferences, Antioch understands that there would be occasions where member or visitors would disagree on issues being discussed, but we believed and continue to believe it is possible to disagree without being disagreeable.

Please take heed of the following:

Notes that are personal in nature and have a negative connotation will be deleted from this conference with no prior warning to the authors.

Any forum for discussing spiritual matters will inevitably be a sensitive place, where strongly contentious views will conflict. Antioch endeavour to hold a balance, not only accommodating the many flavours of Christians who participate, but also endeavouring to make this a place of favourable witness to many non-Christians, to whom we are on display.

We welcome many expressions of unity and faith, when founded upon a clear Biblical basis. Obviously, different views are held, even as to what constitutes 'a clear Biblical basis'. However, when other authorities creep in, conflict becomes inevitable. Both in the interests of maintaining a peaceful balance, and in view of our responsibility towards Antioch, significant care has to be taken to guard against any difference of stance from becoming personally directed.

It is important that all participants bear in mind that no-one is a Christian by virtue of being a Catholic, Protestant, or a member of any other denomination. A Christian is only one who is trusting in the work of the LORD Jesus Christ on the cross alone for salvation.

May the Lord Jesus Christ Bless you and your household richly...

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