Welcome to Antioch

We give all glory and honour back to Jesus, our LORD and Redeemer, who provided us with every vision and provision that has move Antioch to this point.

Antioch city is a meeting place for Christians.

At Antioch, we desire to see different denominations of Christians; from all walks of life with varied experiences and aspirations, coming together to share their walk with each other and with pre-believers alike.

The Vision is for Antioch to become a virtual city for pilgrims to visit, meet and communicate with others - cutting down geographical and denominational barriers that currently confine us.

Please read Antioch's stand on its Creed and Ethics. We request that you abide by the creed that is set up to facilitate the use of Antioch.

As a dynamic web community, we strictly adhere to Antioch's Privacy Policy to ensure confidentiality to our members and surfers.

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God Bless!

Antioch Networks International